Diaries: Old and New

By Paul

Originally posted: Saturday, September 09, 2006
Modfied: Saturday, April 26, 2008

OK.  Here's the way my web site is going to work for now (as of April 2007).  This is where I will record my periodic ramblings and a few pictures. My attempts to include all my "old stuff" into this format seems like a bad idea.  First of all, it is a lot of tedious work.  Secondly, I'm fond of the idea where my old diaries and web pages "done and sealed", not to be changed or modified.  So my old pages will pretty much be left alone, however there will be additional ways to navigate to them.

Here are the links to the old diaries from previous incarnations of my web site, and the new style:

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Check back soon.  This diary section is going to be rearranged a little, so that you can see the new and update articles from the main page. If I can't figure that out, be sure to press the "refresh" button (or F5) in case your browser is storing old versions of web pages.

Annual Sleigh Ride in Leavanworth

Posted: 10/16/2006

Modified: 10/9/2007

Every year since about 1998, Gregg's mom and OJ attempt to gather up all the family for a day in the snow in Leavenworth. 

Go Play on the Freeway

Posted: 9/22/2006

Modified: 9/30/2006

My favorite freeway -- playground for a few hours.  Which was a good thing for me.  For several years I had wanting to walk along this waterfront freeway to enjoy it good views of the city, Elliott Bay and the Olympic Mountiains.  It was cloundy the mid-June Saturday, so the mountains weren't out. 

Thoughts on a quiet, rainy Sunday.

Posted: 10/15/2006

Modified: 4/8/2007

It was another crazy week at work.  I worked too many hours:  many of them frustrating and fruitless; some very early morning; one full 8-hour day on a conference call and WebEx.  My weekend got off to a decent start with a nice Friday night dinner of pizza slices followed by a couple of cocktails with friends.  Saturday was full of appointments, volunteer committee meetings and errands.  Luckily the final appointment was fun evening with a bunch of friends as we celebrated Craig's 40th birthday at his home in the Madison Valley of Seattle.  

Plus some thoughts of me when I was about this old, in 1955

New Shed Built in Back Yard

Posted: 10/22/2006

Modified: 4/19/2007

After more than 3 years of anticipation, Jack coordinated the construction (and did 98% of the work) of a new shed in my back yard.

Big Storm Uproots Tree to Damage Fence.

Posted: 12/20/2006

Modified: 4/28/2008

Considering the damage all around Puget Sound we made out easy.  No damage or power outage here, but Gregg's mom house had some excitement.

Square Dance Convention

Posted: 9/20/2006

Modified: 9/2/2009

This is the 3rd year in a row Gregg and I have gone to the IAGSCD convention in Anaheim .  This group from Seattle was just part of nearly 1000 people who were there.  While there we visited Disneyland too.

Stay at Home Vacation

Posted: 9/10/2006

Modified: 4/19/2007

Staying around western Washington while on vacation

Bye Bye Mullett

Posted: 1/15/2007

Modified: 4/18/2007

Back in September 2006 I decided to let my hair grow out.  I went to work after Labor Day and annouced "I am growing a Mullett".  After 6 years of a crew cut, the long wavey hair is a nice change, but the curly stuff at the base of neck is a bit much.

  Not much of a story here, but hey.  You must be killing time if you are reading someone else's diary.

Thoughts about February and March 2007

Posted: 4/1/2007

Modified: 4/26/2008

A lot of news:  A trip to Palm Springs for Gregg and me... Gregg goes back again to sign a teaching contract... I give notice at work... we go bowling...  we start packing to move south... remodeling the kitchen begins.


Kitchen Remodel Should be Completed On Time

Posted: 4/8/2007

Modified: 4/19/2007

Jack started kitchen and dining room demolition and remodel on Wednesday, March 28th.  He promises to have it completed before he leaves on a train trip vacation Monday, April 9th.  With just a few hours to go, it looks like he'll make it.

Family Reunion at Fort Worden -- For the Last Time

Posted: 4/17/2007

Modified: 4/19/2007

Family Photo

It wasn't sad, but there was a little twinge of something being let go as we had our last gathering at Fort Worden State Park.  Most everyone agrees that the first gathering here was in 1989.  A lot of memories have been made and recalled here, but the time has come to move on and start antother tradition.

Spring Thaw XII & Kitchen Progress

Posted: 4/23/2007

Modified: 4/25/2008

A week of work and a weekend of fun.  Some of the fun was on Saturday at Spring Thaw XIII.

Karl and Jack were at Spring Thaw as well.

On Sunday Jack & Karl finished installling the kitchen cabinets.

Let the Good Byes Begin

Posted: 5/4/2007

Modified: 6/20/2007

With just about 9 weeks until I leave Seattle I'm running out of time to do all those little things I want to get done before I go.  I wanted to visit the graves of my grandparents, but I didn't want to attend a funeral for a friend.

Here is Gregg at Golden Gardens Park feeding the birds.  We do this several times a month.  This park is just a few minutes drive from our house.  I'm sure we'll be doing this a few more time before we move to Palm Springs.



May 2007

Posted: 6/5/2007

Modified: 7/29/2007

It was my intention to get a diary entry every week, but we all know the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.  Here are the highlights of what happened this past month:

  • A Mother's Day spent with 2 aunts, 1 uncle and 2 cousins in Stanwood.
  •  Final mad rush to get the house ready for market -- but taking time out to see an steam engine train.
  • A trip to Denver for a square dance convention
  • Putting the house on the market and getting an offer

June 2007 - Final Days in Seattle

Posted: 7/29/2007

Modified: 4/25/2008

This is the final entry for this diary page.  The month of June was hectic with the final preparations for moving.  The final weekend in Seattle, July 6-9, was all about cleaning out the house.  Before all that we did have some good times with friends as Gregg had his farewell party at school and I had two retirement parties from my workplace. 

Over the years I have used various software products for developing my web pages.  Products have included:

  • Netscape Composer from 1998-2002
  • Microsoft Front Page from 2003
  • CityDesk from 2006

Even though Front Page is a dead Microsoft Product, I will continue to use it as long as it runs.  The CityDesk product is very good at allowing me to create a series of articles and is perfect diary entries.

So this page is where all three technologies merge together.  In the end, they all are just HTML generators so it isn't like the technologies aren't compatible.  But while using each one, I created my style of web site design and navigation methods.  So it is my different technologies that are being merged on this page.  Are you confused?