Big Storm Uproots Tree to Damage Fence.

By Paul

Originally posted: Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Modfied: Monday, April 28, 2008

Late in the evening of December 14th, 2006 a strong Pacific storm hit the coast of Washington State and blew in to the Puget Sound region.  Wind speeds at Seattle-Tacoma airport were recorded at 69 miles per hour.  Torrential rains flooded many homes and business -- even parts of Interstate 5 and highway 99 in downtown Seattle were flooded and impassable.  A woman drowned in the basement of her home in the Madison Park neighborhood.  Several people  died of carbon monoxide poisoning while cooking over charcoal in their homes or running generators, as electrical service took over a week to fully restore.

At Gregg's mom's house, there was some minor flooding in the basement, no electricity for over a week and this Japanese willow tree was blown over and damaged the fence.  The tree was planted by Maura (Gregg's mom) in 1988 as a twig.