Square Dance Convention

By Paul

Originally posted: Wednesday, September 20, 2006
Modfied: Wednesday, September 02, 2009

This was our third convention.  The first one (Phoenix 2004) Gregg was not yet a dancer and I was a newbie.  At that convention I didn't want to miss a single dance, so I danced 'til I dropped.  Our second convention I still danced too much and ended up in a wheel chair.  This time I took it easy -- remembering that this was a vacation at a nice hotel in addition to a potential dance marathon.  We spent more time lounging around the pool, visiting with old and new friends while still dancing a lot.

Here are some pictures of us at dances, banquets and even some time at Disneyland.

At the "Bear Tip".  I've come to the conclusion a bear can't be defined.  A "tip" is a set of dances.  The term comes from the days when a caller was given a tip for calling.

The convention has business meetings, banquets, award ceremonies but mostly it is about dancing.
There are specialty dances, or tips, for bears, short people, tall people, long-haired people, people in kilts, and the "moonshine" tip for naked people.

In preparation for the masquerade ball, DC, Judith, Gregg and I have fun with Mardi Gras mask on the banquet table.  I put mine on backwards -- peacock feathers made it seem like an Indian head dress.  Justin and Ross look silly enough without masks!


Gregg and I prefer simple costumes.  A couple of hats and we become "Gilligan and Skipper".
Bud and Steve as gladiators.
Our friend Ruby Luke from Seattle, always wears the most fantastic western costumes -- and I mean always.
Each convention has what is known as a "Fun Badge Tour".  Basically, several busloads of dancers get up very early on Sunday
morning and go off to places unknown for a tour of the host city and doing a tip in unusual places.
Here we are at the pier at (I think it was) Huntington Beach.

On the 4th of July Gregg and I went to Disneyland as the guests of Gregg's brother, Paul.
As part of Disneyland's 50th anniversary, there are several display of the composite pictures.
I'm very fond of this one because it is 3 levels deep

Gregg and his brother Paul along Main Street, and at a famous picture spot.

In Frontier Land

Galen and Ashley -- two of the youngest dancers from Seattle (their dads, Justin and Ross, dance too.)
Me at the Thunder Mountain roller coaster.

Notice my "Skipper" badge from the masquerade ball.  We are waiting for a Mexican dinner in California Adventure.

Back at the convention, this is Doug, ???? and Kelly from Seattle.
Along with all these people, they received their 10-year medallion.  A special recognition for attending 10 conventions.

Even though there were just about 1000 people attending the convention, this is all those showed for the official group portrait.