Kitchen Remodel Should be Completed On Time

By Paul

Originally posted: Sunday, April 08, 2007
Modfied: Thursday, April 19, 2007

This kitchen remodel is being done for the purpose of selling the house.  The remodel done 5 years ago was done to make the kitchen we wanted.  This remodel is to make the house more appealing and valuable to a potential buyer.  The house goes on the market on May 29th.  My plan is to close the house sale the same day Gregg and I drive away to Palm Springs, July 9th. 

Jack has been working like a maniac -- long 10+ hour days -- to get this work done.  He installed new wiring throughout the two rooms, removed a door and concrete steps, installed a window, moved the plumbing for the sink, dishwasher and gas stove, strengthened a beam, not to mention the demolition of old tile floor, counters, plaster and wire walls.   Here are some views of the kitchen with as of 2:00 PM Sunday, with just a few hours to go.

Karl working on sink cabinet.The new cabinets are from Ikea.

Karl put the sink together.


Karl put the "old" fixtures on the new sink.  The fixtures aren't that old, Jack bought them just last summer. At that time Jack and Karl stayed with Gregg and me for about 2 weeks while they were between houses.








Jack putting grout on the between the granite tiles on the counter top.

Jack mounting the new sink.  Notice the "tea green" granite counter tops with black grout.  The "HQ" over his shoulder... does it stand for "head quarters", "happy queers", or "Hodge Quesnell".  Those letters are made of metal and come from an old reader board.  They were a gift from Andrea.

The bamboo floors and appliances are going in last (along with the cabinet hardware.)  The floor and crown molding will wait until after Jack and Karl's vacation. 
It turns out the cabinet hardware didn't make it on. The floors were installed, but some problems caused a delay, and it was time for Jack and Kark to go home and get ready for their train trip vacation.