Spring Thaw XII & Kitchen Progress

By Paul

Originally posted: Monday, April 23, 2007
Modfied: Friday, April 25, 2008

A week of work.  What can I say about that.  I get to work around 9:00 and usually stay until 5:30.  I spend a lot of time in meetings, answering questions and solving problems, and mostly I am doing what ever I can to make sure the "new system" (Oracle database running 3rd party software) is getting the operating enviornment needed.  It sounds more complicated than it is.  And because it is 3rd party software, I didn't write and I can't fix it.  All I do is create Oracle "instances" and put the 3rd party software on it.  It isn't a big deal, but I guess no one else is doing it, so I'm the expert for now.  By the time I retire in July all these special environments for testing should be settled enough that anyone can keep them running.  If they can't, I'm only a phone call and a consulting fee away.

Spring Thaw is the Northwest Bears' annual event.  Each spring the club throws a party and guys come from all over the USA and beyond to attend social functions, sight seeing adventures, banquets and participate the charity fund-raising activities.  This year there was 300 people registered, about 1/2 of them from outside of Washington State.  Unlike previous years, I didn't attend every event.  I only attended the Thursday night "Meet & Greet" pizza dinner at Piecora's and the Saturday night banquet fund-raising contests.  These pictures are from Saturday night.

Gregg& Craig: Teachers at cocktail hour.

Andrew and Paul:   A couple from Vancouver, BC that I have known since 1996 from Spring Thaw and similar events.

I know these guys.   And I have for years.  Can I remember their names? Check back later... I need to do some research.  ?? & Kenny  Geoff & David. Long-time friends of mine.  David is the driving force behind SeattleMovieBears which I have enjoyed for many years. Steve and Ernesto.   Buddies from Bremerton.


Jack & Karl returned from a 2-week vacation. After a day of goofing off, they got back to work.  The final cabinet parts were available from Ikea, so they installed them and put on the hardware.  All the before and after pictures are in the photo album.  Check out the earlier diary for some "work in progress" pictures.

While Jack & Karl worked on the kitchen, Gregg & I continued packing furniture and boxes of books into the Door to Door moving bins.  (So much stuff!)