June 2007 - Final Days in Seattle

By Paul

Originally posted: Sunday, July 29, 2007
Modfied: Friday, April 25, 2008

Even though we had 4 months of lead time, the final month of proved hectic with to much to do, so much packing.   That wasn't truly evident until the final two weeks when we had to order more Door to Door storage bins.  To make things even more hectic, Door to Door was so busy they couldn't deliver the extra bins to house, so we had to haul stuff down to Kent.  In the end it all worked out well, the bins are packed full, stored and waiting to be shipped to Palm Springs.  During June Gregg was still teaching for 3 week and I continued to work full time. 

Gregg drawing a map of the solar system.

One of the fun things Gregg was teaching his 7th grade science classes was the solar system.  To show the scale of the distance from the sun to the planets, he used chalk to mark up the street in front of our house for several blocks.  It's a fact most everyone knows how big the sun and solar system is, but to see it drawn this way really makes it real.  Here is a picture of Gregg at the sun at the corner of 85th Street & 31st Avenue -- about 4 blocks south of our house.  See how big the sun is there?  To scale, the planet Pluto is about 8 blocks north of here. 

I documented all the planets on pictures which you can see on Flickr

On this same day I took some pictures around the house, using the the new camera Gregg bought for me.  It is a 35mm digital SLR.  I love the convenience of my pocket-sized point 'n shoot digitical, but I missed the full control of a "real" camera.

 The front door of 8901 31st Avenue Northwest.

 Gregg having some McDonalds food as he plans his "Earth & Space" on the street.

 The back patio -- the door to the dining room and the computer room loft above.


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